2003–2005. Rather than attempt to compete with the two neighbouring giants (Düsseldorf and Frankfurt) on their own ground, better to occupy a niche and develop activity, put forward arguments that the other two hubs cannot replicate: simplicity and ease of use, nice prices, a debunking of the airport myth to turn the facility into a pleasant place for changing means of transport. The visual identity set into place at Cologne Bonn aims at presenting a specific and recognizable airport but it is more than just a signature: it is part of the clear perception of something different. Identifying features are inspired by the ‘Simple’ typeface designed by the typographers of Norm studio. This typeface was chosen because it enabled to build a parallel typology of pictograms. Together, pictograms and lettering form a family of identifying signs for the airport. The identifying colours aim at being luminous and aerial. By mixing them together a clear identification range is obtained. Living creatures are not represented in geometrical pictogram form. As free silhouettes they stand out from the system and reveal it. By their presence, the ideogram starts moving and acting. The Köln Bonn Airport signature can in fact take on diverse forms, adapting itself to a temporary message or even integrating a text. The choice and the number of pictograms present vary according to needs. Pictograms serve clear functions of signage, they structure and make clear certain types of information and they identify… but they can also be used in a fun way, for example, to tell little stories. They are real communication tools. In some cases objects that are specific information supports can become pictograms. The visual language thus constituted can then respond simultaneously to the issues of attraction that are specific for example to advertising and of efficiency in terms of what relates to the wayfinding and public information in the most various media both inside and outside the airport.

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